Wednesday, October 15, 2008

He's doing it too!

I hate it when campaign spokespeople defend their candidate by pointing out how the opponent does the same thing. First, it does not justify their campaign doing it. Second, it is an appeal to fairness. I hate fairness because it is a schoolyard principle completely divorced from justice.

The only thing I hate more than people talking about fairness is people confusing fairness with justice. This is especially true in the social justice movement.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard this one? It goes back to Alan's idea of informed voters. From Howard Stern:

Anonymous said...

Computer question: I have a Mac. but have been using a microsoft email system...stupid I know. Anyhoo, could that microsoft product have a virus that kills - as in complete total wipeout---all my email but not affect any other operating aspect of my computer?

FLG said...

Are you using entourage? It's possible, but highly unlikely.

Did you accidentally move your mail file?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Entourage. Where would I have moved it?

FLG said...

Verify that this folder still exists:
Documents\Microsoft user data\Office 2004 identities\Main

If not, then you need find your Microsoft user data folder using finder or whatever it is on Mac.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I have no idea what that meant and am on hold--big time again--with Microsoft. At Irish Dance today, a very bad sign...I talked a fello mother into buying my computer and she did. I asked her if she was using entourage, hoping she might know how to help me. She said the guy--that would be a genius-- at the apple store dumped it out of her dock...said not to use it...

alan_howe said...

I love Entourage on my Macbook, but I am not such a big fan of the Mac itself, especially when the hard drive failed at fourteen months.

Stern hardly needed someone to go to Harlem and interview African-Americans to find ignorance among Americans. In October 2004, Harris polled voters and found 54 percent thought Saddam Hussein was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Our Democracy is seriously weakened by our lack of educated, informed voters.

But, FLG's original post is what attracted me. I find the very worst manifestation of hypocrisy is emulating behavior we criticize in others. "He did it first" or "too" is the signal that this has occurred.

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