Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guy and Madonna to Divorce

I know I am late with the news, but I was trying to find the quotation that signaled to me that the marriage was doomed. It's from a 2006 Harper's interview:
"We have slightly differing tastes when it comes to holidays, my husband and I. I'm not into lying out in the sun. He loves the sea and fishing and being on a boat, outdoors, nature stuff. I'd rather go to India and check out all the temples or go to Bhutan," she sighs good-naturedly.

I take myself way too seriously. I cannot possibly chill at the beach when I must go on a search for authentic spiritual fulfillment. Guy is a myopic dolt who lacks the self-awareness necessary to see the juvenile nature of enjoying the ocean. Boats and oceans aren't authentic. Only traipsing through shithole countries like Bhutan, arranging five star accommodations, can possibly be worth my time. This marriage is so over.

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