Sunday, October 26, 2008


Alright, so FLG is studying for the GRE. He thinks he will be able to break the 90% percentile on the GRE relatively easily.

He has already put in more time toward GRE studying than LSAT studying. The math is way easier than the GMAT, on which he got over the 90% percentile. He always rocks verbal sections. Even on the LSAT, he only got two wrong on the reading type sections. He got almost every one of the logic games wrong. And since the GRE has no logic games as far as he can tell, he is pretty confident that he will do well. On the other hand, he is not happy about analogies. He has not run into a word he does not know during his studying thus far, so that is helpful.

Some of you may think, wow, that FLG guy is a real asshole. Who thinks, "oh, no big deal, I'll score 90% percentile. Who the fuck does he think he is thinking he is so smart?"

Well, I would like to say that I happen to be really good at standardized tests. Very little studying and I usually do really well, LSAT aside. These tests aren't about how smart you are. I just get them for some reason. I've seen extremely smart people struggle, and stupid people do surprisingly well.

Also, to answer another question that might arise: FLG, you just took the LSAT and now the GRE? What the heck do you want to do? Therein lies the rub. I have no fucking idea. Well, I have some idea, but far less than a man my age should.

Anyway, I told GEC a few month back that I wanted to get the education that a Bond villain would need, but to use it for good. In truth, I think he had been subliminally implanting the idea to get a Bond villain's education all along with the intention that I could help him with his plot for world domination. I think he wants to delegate smaller tasks, like conquering Asia, to me while he deals with more pressing matters. My conscience keeps getting in the way of his plan. Nonetheless, I will be applying to a program that should, if done correctly, allow me to reach cartoonish archvillain status upon completion.

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