Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FLG's Thoughts on the Debate

  • McCain's answers on the economy consisted largely of don't raise taxes. Great, but that's not even close to a solution. And energy independence ain't even a medium-term solution.
  • Buy up all the problem mortgages? WTF? How does that fit into the freeze spending plan?
  • Neither candidate seems to understand that a lot of their programs won't be affordable with this $700 billion bailout.
  • Obama's answer on genocide concerns me a bit. He said we can't be everywhere all the time, but still worries me.
  • McCain's main foreign policy appeal seems to be "I'm a tough, old guy and he's a young pussy." That doesn't hold much water with me.
  • Also, I can tell that McCain legitimately believes Obama isn't ready to be president. I think this is why he is getting so nasty on the campaign ads. It's not just political differences, but McCain thinks Obama would be a disaster. Hasn't paid his dues or something.
Conclusion: While I have some concerns about Obama's potential economic liberalism, his answers made sense. His made more sense than McCain's on the economy without a doubt. McCain did alright. I can't really pinpoint anything particularly bad that McCain said, just unimpressive overall. He probably didn't hurt his cause with most people.

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