Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FLG would like to offer his strongest support to Miss Self-Important

Her post about literacy, much of which I agree with, has been overrun with comments from strange video game politics trolls. Keep up the good work Miss Self-Important.


Miss Self-Important said...

Uh, thanks. Should I delete all these people? I am debating.

FLG said...

I would delete them.

Anonymous said...

She is wrong-wrong-wrong about Harry Potter, which has been exactly the pathway to reading for my two 'recalcitrant nonreader' boys about which she expressed doubt. Along with, yes, Captain Underpants. And they look with great interest into cheat books for their video games, and it establishes for them that print is a way to learn things they want to know. Beats the hell out of some kind of twisted fiction about 'challenges' which our hero faces in learning that Heather Has Two Mommies.
Not that I have any particular axe to grind against Heather's mommies, but the books, sheesh, heavy-handed... dave.s.

FLG said...

I've read all the Potter books. Love 'em, so I tend to disagree with her on that. However, I think her point is that great books are kinda like spinach. They're good for you, but not to everybody's taste. Offering candy bars (video games, Potter, etc) is not going to make people acquire a taste for spinach. Furthermore, calling candy bars spinach does not make them spinach.

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