Sunday, October 19, 2008

FLG the Fireman

There was a knock at the FLGs' door, and when I went to answer it there was a woman running like a madwoman down the hall screaming, "Fire! Please help." I asked Mrs. FLG to grab the fire extinguisher, and went to investigate. Long story short, FLG and a guy down the hall put out a kitchen fire. Mrs. FLG called 911. According to her, the conversation went like this:

911 Operator: 911. What's your emergency?

Mrs. FLG: There's a fire at ....

911 Operator: What kind of fire?

Mrs. FLG: I don't fucking know. There's smoke and my husband said there's a fire. Send the fucking fire dept!

This was followed by, "FLG, get the hell out of there! The fire department is on the way!"


Anonymous said...

You're my hero!!
~Mrs. FLG

alan_howe said...

Realizing the childhood dreams of all of us...

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