Friday, October 3, 2008


A reader writes:
You attend one of the most famous diplomatic schools in the world. It is unreasonable to demand candidates to have your level of expertise in foreign affairs. Also, I completely concur with your anonymous commenter who wrote "Washington hasn't seen gams like those since Jackie Kennedy waked in the wake of her husband's casket. Again, another refreshing change from the sisterhood of traveling pantsuits...."

First, I am not asking the candidates to maximize a tariff revenue function, provide an extemporaneous exegesis on the differences between Hobbes and Locke, or know the year of independence of every country in Africa. However, I expect them to have the at least the same level of familiarity with international affairs as somebody who reads newspapers and magazines daily. Second, you didn't see me arguing with the gams, did you? Lastly, I graduated, so I don't attend the school any longer.

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