Friday, October 31, 2008

A Conversation

WARNING: This is offensive, even by FLG's standards.

FLG meets his college friend (CF) at the airport.

FLG: How are you?

CF: Great. Been busy though.

FLG: Really. What's up? Baggage claim's down this way.

CF: That's right. I haven't talked to you in almost a year. I've been traveling around on business.

FLG: How's your girlfriend?

CF: We're over. The whore was cheating on me.

FLG: That's terrible.

CF: Found out on Valentine's Day.

FLG: That's even worse.

CF: I caught the bitch in my bed with another guy.

FLG: You're kidding me!

CF: Serious as a heart attack.

FLG: What did you do?

CF: What do you think I did? I kicked 'em out.

FLG: Did you kick his ass or something?

CF: What good would that have done?

FLG: None probably, but it might have made you feel better.

CF: Nah.

FLG: Sorry I brought it up. What else have you been doing?

CF: It's cool. Been Traveling. I went to Macau, Hong Kong, Vietnam. I even spent a few days in Prague last month.

FLG: I've always wanted to go to Prague. Did you enjoy yourself? What did you do?

CF: I had a great time in Prague. I've got a great story.

FLG: Awesome.

CF: So, I was balls deep in this Czech girl's ass...


C.S. Perry said...

I know at least five great stories that start just this way.

C.S. Perry said...

Wait...make that four. The last one ends with a serious "dose."

FLG said...

I'm frightened that you know five great stories that begin with me picking up a college friend from the airport. It's very troubling.

C.S. Perry said...

Well, in all fairness, one was a bus station.

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