Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Conversation

FLG's Friend: I have a great idea for a movie.

FLG: Really? What's it about?

Friend: A Samurai movie set in modern London.

FLG: Like Le Samouraï?

Friend: No, that's a French gangster film. I'm talking about a movie with sword fights and stuff.

FLG: Um, where can a sword battle take place in modern London? Is this post-apocalyptic or something?

Friend: No, it's present day. They fight in parking garages.

FLG: Parking garages?

Friend: Parking garages.

FLG: With swords?

Friend: Yep.

FLG: What's the plot?

Friend: I'm basically ripping off the Godfather.

FLG: Could be worse. The Magnificent Seven was a rip off of The Seven Samurai, and nobody seemed to care.

Friend: Exactly.

FLG: I've always wanted to make movies.

Friend: I didn't know that. What about?

FLG: No idea.

Friend: Then why would you want to make movies? You need an idea to make movies.

FLG: Oh, I have an idea, but not for a movie. Only a scene.

Friend: What's your scene idea then?

FLG: The camera is focused on two people talking in an old bar. Think the 21 Club in New York or Harry's New York Bar in Paris.

Friend: I've been to Harry's. Talking about what?

FLG: Who?

Friend: The two people talking. What are they talking about?

FLG: It doesn't matter.

Friend: Of course it matters. The camera is focused on them. How long does the conversation last?

FLG: Long enough for the scene.

Friend: Huh?

FLG: The key is in the door, which is in the background and slightly out of focus. First, a priest, a rabbi, and a shaman walk in. Then, after a sufficient pause, a man walks in with a duck. A few moments later, a horse walks into the bar.

Friend: I get it. Those are all setups. How do you do the punch line?

FLG: No punchline. That's it. The conversation ends.

Friend: But there has to be a punch line. Do the two people at least acknowledge the priest, rabbi, duck or horse at the end of the conversation?

FLG: Nope.

Friend: That doesn't make any sense at all.

FLG: Much like sword fights in London car parks.

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Basil Seal said...

I believe the sword fight in a parking garage has already been done.

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