Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Conversation

The FLGs are seated, and a waiter walks over. He has an Italian accent.

Waiter: Good evening. What can I get you to drink?

Mrs. FLG: Just water, thanks.

FLG: What kind of beer do you have?

Waiter: We don't have beer.

FLG: The sign over there says you have pizza.

Waiter: Yes. We have great pizza.

FLG: I'd like a beer.

Waiter: We don't have beer.

FLG: I don't understand.

Waiter: My English not too good. I get the manager.

Waiter hails the manager over.

Manager: How can I be of assistance?

FLG: I'd like a beer.

Manager: I'm sorry. We don't have any beer.

FLG: This is a pizza place, right?

Manager: It's an Italian Trattoria.

FLG: You sell pizza.

Manager: Best pizza in town.

FLG: Great. I'd like a beer.

Manager: I already told you, we don't sell beer.

FLG: But you sell pizza.

Manager and waiter in unison: Yes.

FLG: I don't understand.

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