Friday, October 3, 2008

Blogging tomorrow

...will be nonexistent. FLG is taking the LSAT in fucking Fredericksburg of all places even though there were a gazillion closer locations that the LSAT could have assigned. Furthermore, FLG is wholly unprepared for the exam. On the bright side, he will be visiting the Fredericksburg Waffle House before the test.


The Maximum Leader said...

Best of luck.

The Waffle House on Rt 17/Warrenton Rd? I've eaten there a number of times. I hope that the LSATs aren't in one of the hotels right around that exit. All the meeting rooms suck and are uncomfortable. I hope you are in the UMW graduate center.

BTW, You will not be too far from the Villainschloss.

BTW pt 2. I try to comment often on your posts, but find that I can't leave a comment unless I've previously logged into to my old blogger account.

FLG said...

RE: BTW pt 2.

Try Comment as: Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The problem with taking the LSAT is that it suggests that you may end up going to law school, and then, being a lawyer. Think carefully about this! I see lots of lawyers who are not having a very good time(my wife is a lawyer, and her life is decent, but we run with a lawyer crowd because of her work).dave.s.

FLG said...

My in-laws -- both lawyers. Both told me I was fucking nuts until I let them in on a little secret, and then they said good idea.

Anonymous said...

"..lawyers, very dependable.."


FLG said...

Sounds like economic stability to me.

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