Friday, October 3, 2008

The New Army Air Corps

People are starting to catch onto what I have been saying for a while -- the Air Force is screwed up.

Danger Room:
But the Air Force has done such a lousy job at managing its new plane programs that the air service worse enemy may in fact be... itself. By handling "military aircraft manufacturing" so poorly, the Air Force has become its "own peer threat," writes Center for Strategic and International Studies analyst Anthony Cordesman, in a new report, "America's Self Destroying Air Power."

Yes, the Army and Navy have their issues as well, but the Air Force appears to have complete nincompoops at the controls. Let's do them a favor and roll them up into the Army.

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alan_howe said...

Let us not forget that the US Army tried to spend $11 billion on a self-propelled howitzer that could not be deployed by air, meaning it would always be late to the fight. Perhaps that is just as well since the Army called their new weapon "Crusader." Imagine for a moment "Crusader" battalions driving across the Middle East. The Army has plenty of problems that make it wholly unsuitable to take in the Air Force.

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