Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Blogging is a strange thing. People offer their thoughts on a plethora of issues. This diversity of thought provides a glimpse into their personality. I have formulated theories about how most of the bloggers I read are in real life. Sometimes I wonder what type of personality is assumed from this blog. In all honesty, this blog is not a full picture of my personality, but I doubt other blogs are either.

Add to this I have the habit of ascribing insane background stories to most people I don't know. To provide an example, rather than offer an actual fictitious story I have developed for another blogger, thus avoiding the possibility of offense, I will offer one of me:

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown was born in Independence, Missouri to a couple in a traveling circus. His father, Roger, was the star trapeze artist. His mother, Marcia, was the assistant to a knife thrower. Her left ear was prosthetic. They met after Marcia left her former knife thrower and joined Roger's circus. Roger didn't own the circus, mind you, he was only the trapeze artist. Fear and Loathing in Georgetown was born in the back of a pickup truck between performances. The traveling prohibited a formal education. So, he was tutored by the bearded lady, who happened to have a degree from La Sorbonne. However, he was also trained in the art of lion taming, and saved up enough money to go to college. Where he continued his lion taming on street corners for spending money.

See. I probably have a very warped sense of what other bloggers are like because I have developed background stories for many of them. All of which are as completely insane as this one.

Nevertheless, I wonder what personality is assumed from this blog. This post probably didn't help any.

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