Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why The Times ran the McCain piece now

This is my conspiracy theory for the week. The NYTimes ran the McCain-Lobbyist piece, not to impact the general election, but to bring the McCain-Clinton general election poll numbers down. This would remove one of the main reasons for nominating Obama, ie that he beats McCain head-to-head and Clinton loses according to the polls. They hope this will move voters in the remaining primary states and superdelegates in the Clinton camp.

The NYTimes endorsed Clinton, and wants her to win. They don't really have anything against Obama, but he is an unknown. NYTimes people know and love Clinton. Too bad NYTimes reporters, ie Clinton lovers, cannot understand that 50% of this country will not ever, no way, no how, vote for Hillary Clinton.

However, I don't think this story gets much traction with many people. Sure, the news media will try to stretch it out as much as they can, but it just doesn't seem like much to me. I could be completely wrong though.

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