Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More proof that the PostModern Conservative is either a genius or insane

I have read this post about three times, and I am still trying to figure out precisely where he is going.

I am particularly trying to decipher his last paragraph:
I am in no position, certainly not at this hour, to offer any kind of speculation about 'which heresies' are coming -- aside from the heresy that Christ is a divine man and Love is divinity, which is already here and getting stronger. But I feel certain that others are coming. If we will not get rid of religion, we will not get rid of heresy, and the failure of post-Christendom to fashion an end of history augurs a failure of mere mortals everywhere to fashion an end of theological and religious history. That will come in the fullness of time. To what can only be our horror (without faith, that is), we can't force ourselves to bracket these questions without eating away at our being -- without tempting the nihilism of knowing idolatry. But if Nietzsche is right that nobility is impossible without a plurality of the differently noble, true faith may be impossible without a perpetual possibility of heresy that can never be foreclosed by mortal man.

Again, he is either a genius or insane. It is still even money.

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